Why buy products from a salon?

You have probably pondered the reasoning behind purchasing hair care products from a salon when there’s the convenience in buying something similar from a major retailer. Haven’t you? We all have. Most mid-westerners know the value of a dollar and when it comes to spending those hard earned bucks, we like to get the best deal possible.

But are you getting best deal? As a professional in the beauty industry, I aim to help educate those around me about the importance of quality hair care. To have the best outcome for your hair, I keep in mind the integrity of you hair. I want you to feel the best and look the best! Below I am going to discuss a few key points when it comes to purchasing a hair product from a hair salon versus a major retailer. Keep in mind, while reading the reasons, that through all of my training and continuing education I will always have your hair’s best interest in mind. I am also not wanting ‘dis’ the vast market known as retail. It’s not a competition, it’s capitalism. I just want you to feel better educated about these choices you have.

Salon vs. Store

Manufacturer’s disclaimers: A disclaimer is common place on product packaging. It’s a standard part of the overall design. Professional product names will have a disclaimer that reads something to the tune of, “can only guarantee the product when purchased in a salon.” Manufacturers know the name of the game…they know they can get ripped off! Sometimes, their labels and bottles are on something that is not what they were designed for.

Concentration: You have undoubtedly learned the lesson of something concentrated will produce more than un-concentrated. Professional grade products provided at a salon are likely to be up to 5x more concentrated than the competition. That being said, less is more. You have to use less shampoo each time because you add water from the shower to spread it more easily throughout your hair. Not to get “too sciency” the chemistry make up of water (H2O) is a large molecule. It blocks out a lot of things from your hair. Want a vary elementary illustration of this phenomenon? Next time your hair is wet, grab it and feel the thickness of your hair. It’s heavier and thicker feeling due to the extra H2O molecule attached to the cuticle layer. So when your stylist says you just need a quarter size amount in your palm, you really just need a quarter size.

Expiration: Your salon can guarantee the date of the product. They keep records of when products were purchased directly from the supplier to be sold to you. Salon’s should have great concern for the products’ shelf life that they know when it’s time for that product to move off the shelf. Watch for clearance sales and such to save a few dollars on these products as the shelf life is nearing the end. 

Mis-labeling: When it comes to money, some people will do anything to make more of it. Sometimes, this leads to corruption and ill-gotten gains that take advantage of others. As a professional stylist, being a part of professional trade groups leads to more and continuing education along with a safety area for communicating these issues we all fear…being ripped off. There have been countless stories told of a product not looking and not smelling like the one used at the end of that color or haircut service at your appointment with your trusted salon professional. That may very well be because all too often, those labels are fakes. I won’t mention any specific retailers, but from the stories I have heard from other professionals around the USA is that most of these fakes are found in discount stores, but a good amount from the neighborhood one-stop shop. Just recently, a stylist shared to the professional group that a can of hairspray labelled as Chi had the label peeled back to reveal a label for a company name not even distributed inside the USA. This label was for a company in a country halfway around the world and not approved for sale in the USA. 

Personal Shopper: Who wouldn’t want to not have to think about what to buy when it comes to the nitty gritty of product pros and cons? There are so many varieties of products for everything in today’s market, it is easy to become overwhelmed with choices. So why not put your trust into a stylist who knows your hair better than those commercials. Your stylist can customize your hair product shelf at home by recommending the products that will best suit your needs. Therefore, over time, you will save more money because you wouldn’t have to buy so many jars that after a couple of uses fail you. 

In the end, the choice is yours to make. I hope that this short list of 5 reasons to buy products from the salon instead of the store has made you a more aware and educated consumer. Be sure to stop by Dimensions Salon in Clay City for all of your hair care needs for men, women, and children!


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